Things I can’t live without

The heading of this post sounds a bit cliché for a blog post but I didn’t know how to word it lol. Basically, after using these things I don’t feel satisfied using anything else. For example – recently, I’ve started to look after my skin a bit better. So I got really good products for my face. Now, if I ran out and had to use Nivea, I’d be extremely unsatisfied. That explains a bit better what I mean lol.. I suppose you could say I’m insatiable 😉

My GHD hairbrushes

These are my favorites! When I graduated last year, I bought myself about 2/3 of these brushes as a treat. I had them mixed with my other regular salon services brushes, and every time I started a blow-dry I instantly reached for my GHD ones and used them as much as I could. They’re a bit heavy and hard to get used to but now, I literally can’t use anything else. Now I have a full set of them and I chucked the old ones in the bin. These are slightly expensive (working out at about €13-€19 each) but they’re so worth it, especially for curly blow-dries. The bristles don’t get caught in the hair and the removal from the hair is extremely smooth.

What we’re trying to imply now in the salon is not leaving too many brushes in at once. The weight of one GHD brush alone is heavy never mind 15 of them in the hair. So depending on the client (some prefer brushes) we pin each section up. Just a little tip for some curly blow-dry loving stylists out there 😉

My storage bed

This is one where I constantly sit and think ‘’What did I do before you?’’ lol. I’m not one for hoarding, but I do love me some storage! When I first got it, I couldn’t believe how much cleaner my room seemed. I used to have so much stuff in either boxes or on top of my wardrobe, things I actually used and needed but didn’t have a place to put it. At the time, I didn’t have enough space in my wardrobe to fit my shoes so I literally had them lying under my bed (which freaked me out) and elsewhere. I got this heaven-send of a bed and clutter was just gone! I had my shoes, my summer clothes (like shorts and t-shirts), some sentimental things (birthday cards etc.), just tonnes of things I didn’t need on display went under the storage compartment. Now I live in clutter free heaven!

Nioxin Shampoo

This post sounds like a total #ad for my job but honestly, I can’t use anything else after using this! This product is made to enhance thickness for people with thinning hair, which I don’t have. But I use it to maintain what I have at the moment. Besides the benefits of this shampoo system, the feeling it leaves on my scalp after using it, I can’t get the same with any other shampoo. When I was interrailing I brought some with me, but ran out after like 3 days lol. So I had to resort to using body wash on my hair ☹ How tragic. My hair felt like a fucking haystack.

OneDrive/Unlimited Storage

This is probably the number 1 thing I can’t live without. I hate clutter on my phone and I absolutely DESPISE keeping photos saved to my phone. I used to use Dropbox which was grand, but I had a 5GB limit on it, so my storage quickly ran out. I turned to OneDrive and my good friend Kirsty works for Microsoft so she shared her subscription with me. 1TB of storage! Even writing that makes me happy. It means I can just automatically upload any photos I take and not have to worry about running out of space. For anyone wondering how much 1TB is, it’s just over 1,000GB..

My Image Skincare products

A couple years ago I tried IMAGE Skincare. At the time, I was just an apprentice in the salon. So buying something like this for myself was a huge treat! I used them and absolutely loved them because I had really bad skin, I got the usual teenage spots all over my forehead and chin and IMAGE helped a tonne! I eventually ran out and I simply couldn’t afford to get these products all the time so I stopped.

Earlier on this year I was given samples of the Ormedic Cleanser and the Prevention+ moisturizer and I thought to myself ‘’treat yoself!’’ (As I do at least 3 times a month lol), so I went and spent about €150 on products. If I’m 100% honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Prevention+ moisturizer against my skin. At the time it was winter, so I needed extra moisture in my skin. I switched to the Vital C Anti-Age Serum and the Vital C Moisturizer. Both together, after cleansing, give my skin exactly what I need when it’s extremely dry. Now having said that, I still have my Prevention+ moisturizer and I use it when my skin gets oily on extremely sunny days. So, it’s still good to have. I’ll even mix it with my Vital C to give me a bit of both, depending on the day.

All waffling aside, after using these products I genuinely couldn’t use anything else. I haven’t felt better about my skin (still a few things I’d change but we’ll leave that till later). These products are a bit pricey but I always say, no money can pay for self-confidence. So splash out!

Apple Airpods

I waited MONTHS to buy these little bastards. But once I got them and started to use them I could never use wired earphones again, they’re so handy! The one thing that angered me most was my earphone wires getting caught in everything I came across. So to not have to worry about that anymore makes me v happy.

A large screened phone

I’m putting this in simply because of what happened to my poor iPhone ☹ I have the 7+ and it fell while I was away on holidays. Screen completely shattered! And I wouldn’t even mind, I had a proper big case on it. While it’s away being fixed through my insurance company (who I had a very difficult time with, another post will tell), I’m using an iPhone 5. I’m so not used to a small screen so my thumbs are tripping over themselves trying to type anything. Again, I could never go back to using a small iPhone. Large screens all the way!





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