10 gifs that perfectly describe the typical hairdresser-client conversation 

With hairdressing being a huge communication-based profession, it comes with tonnes of chat and personal conversations. I’m sure plenty of stylists can relate to each of these lol 

1. ”Any holidays planned this year? ”

2.” So how long have you been hairdressing?”

3. ”Do you love cutting or colouring?”

4. ”So what products do you think I should use in my hair?”

5. ”You can just let it dry naturally I’m not fussy with the blowdry ”

6. ”I’m not getting long enough out of my colour, my roots come through after 4 weeks!”

7. ”I hate getting my colour done, its so boring!”

8. ”I usually get it dried with cool air”

9. ”I’m looking for something new, but I wanna keep the length”

10. ”The last time, it looked very red. Did you put red in?”

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