The Dyson Supersonic: Two months on 

I wanted to write a post about my Dyson the minute I got it, but I also wanted to wait for a couple months to review it so I could get the hang of it, and get to know its pros and cons. So far so good! 

I’ve said it so many times since I bought it, every hairdresser needs to try this out. It’s super lightweight which is AMAZING on busy days when you’re blowdrying and the noise is minimal. No more pretending you can hear what the client is saying 😂


It’s pretty easy to go in and pick up one from the shop but I wouldn’t recommend getting the standard edition if you’re a stylist. There’s two versions of this hairdryer – standard and professional. The professional edition is made for the salon, making it more durable (apparently) and it comes with a defuser for drying curly hair! It’s so cute. The cable is longer too so it’s easier to beat around your chair without being dragged back 😂 

You have to order the professional edition over the phone, and have it delivered to a registered salon address. It’s priced at €350, not sure why it’s €50 less expensive than the standard edition but who’s complaining? Once I ordered it, it was delivered the next day! 

What’s Different? 

Well, there’s actually only few major differences between the Dyson and an average professional hairdryer. Here’s a few that impressed me:

  1. Extremely quiet motor

The motor makes a high pitch, quiet squeal. There’s no vibration or loud motor noise, which is great for when you’re chatting away to clients. The filter is at the end of the handle as opposed to the back of the hairdryer too.

    2.   Lightweight and more easier to handle 

This one was one of my favourite things about this dryer, it’s so light! It’s ideal for busy Saturdays, I don’t get any wrist strain after blow drying all day.

    3.  Long tangle-free cable 

They’ve extended the cable on the professional edition, so it’s a 2.7m tangle resistant cable. 

    4. Heat and speed

I absolutely LOVE how quick it takes heavy wet out of the hair! I usually take the concentrator nozzle off when taking heavy wet off and it literally flies through the hair. It gets very hot also but it has a computerised heat control chip inside that’s checking the heat 20 times per second so it’s not damaging the hair or overheating. 

Is it worth the money?

To me, yes it’s 100% worth the money. If you’re gonna be using it constantly and getting good use out of it then why the hell not! I love to invest money into my work because it gives great results for my clients which is most important to me. 

What’s in the box? 



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