Social Media and Hairdressing

Current hairdressing and fashion are obviously both very visual aspects. You use your eyes and creativity to provide an amazing haircut/colour on any given client. Ever since we started hairdressing we’re told to use inspirations and visuals to express where we come from and why we chose certain tones or styles – which can stem a realisation of your own creativity by picking out different trends/styles and creating our own work of art.

Social media, to a hairdresser, is one of the biggest inspiration grabbers of them all. I could spend hours and hours flicking through Instagram pages looking at new techniques and styles and constantly say to myself ”I’d love to do that” or ”I can’t wait to try that technique” – and plenty of times I have taken things I’ve learnt from the internet and tried it on real life clients! The famous quote says ”A real hairdresser never stops learning”, which is very true. But how does that work flip side over? How does social media work on clients looking in on us and our work?

I’m sure fellow hairdressers are aware of the dreaded client that comes into the salon asking to be platinum blonde with (more than likely) a picture they’ve screenshot from someones Facebook or Instagram. Forget about the fact that she wants to be blonde, think of the fact that she’s taken work from someones social media account and has used this as an example of what she wants. Gone be the days of hair magazines and ”word of mouth” trends. Clients lurk on social media for new trends and fashions and want what they see!

Lets flip side it again, turn it back on the hairdresser. Happy days for the stylist that the client has taken their photo from, because that clients interaction is obviously boosting that hairdressers recognition. But how do YOU be that stylist that everyone wants? Clearly the client follows the hairdresser and idealy wants that specific stylist to do it, but they can’t. If they had access to that stylist they’d be sitting in his/her chair –  so they come to you.

So how do we be that stylist? Of course you’ll have the amazing ‘word of mouth, friend tells a friend’ factor that interests new clients, but now theres a more modern way of doing that, social media. We all have our websites like Boohoo and Littlewoods, where we can find clothes, shoes or anything we really want and order them at any time. Whatever you chose can be yours at the click of a button and it’ll be at your doorstep within 3-5 working days. Simple! But when it comes to a beautiful haircut or a striking tone on hair you see online, it isn’t that easy. You have no choice but to go to the salon to own these colours and cuts you’re seeing on Instagram – this alone is a major reason why social media for hairdressing is so influential on clients.

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