10 gifs that will perfectly describe a hairstylists Christmas rush

1. Preparing yourself like a boss for the busy month ahead.

You know you ready.


2. Having your first week of back to back clients, no lunch and ”Christmas talk”.

Contemplating, am I really ready for it?


3. Your 15th client in a row is late because she ”couldn’t find a car park space”

Golden excuse.


4. Your client decides halfway through her blowdry she wants a turn in the ends.

And you’re at the last two sections too.


5. You’re on your 5th late night in a row and there’s not enough coffee in the world to save you.


6. Running to the staff room to make sure your feet aren’t bleeding.

Because fluffy socks and slippers aren’t acceptable to wear in-salon.


7. Living off your tips because you’ve spent all your money on presents and.. alcohol..

Every penny counts!


8. Repetitively answering the ”So have you many to buy for this year?” question.

Every. Single. Time.


9. Getting home and realising you’re up in the morning to do it ALL, OVER, AGAIN.

Nearly there.


10. Finally, checking out your last client on Christmas Eve.

That’s it until next year, next decade, next life.


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