This Restaurant Made Me Fall Back in Love With Chicken Wings

So obviously me being the walking chicken wing that I am HAD to try this new place as soon as I seen LovinDublin post about it. Not gonna lie, for a couple of months I was really falling out of love with wings. I don’t know whether I completely ate myself out of love for them or I was just naturally getting over my phase. Until I tried Wishbone.

It’s located just off Camden St. on a lane called Montague Lane. It’s simple enough to find, between Diceys and Whelans really. ALL THEY SELL IS CHICKEN WINGS! The dream. They have some tenders too which sounded fab but I just went for the wings. They have very strange flavoured ones which I’ve never heard of before. Salted Toffee Apple, and Spiced Orange! Obviously me being the basic bitch that I am stuck with the Original Buffalo because I literally hate trying anything new.


The sauces were gas too! They had Chilli Jam and Cajun Jalapeno Mayo which are also ones I’ve never heard of before, so I just went with the Roasted Garlic lol.


ANYWAY, the wings. Fucking DELISH! Like if you could think of the meatiest chicken wings in the world this would be them. The amount of meat on the wing is very important so they got this one spot on. The sauce was your usual hot sauce, not sure if they have a secret recipe but it tasted nice to me. You get so many too, I couldn’t finish my bowl which is very unlike me!

So if you’re looking for a date night or are a complete wing freak like me then get yourself to this place you won’t be disappointed! Also, here’s one last bonus, they do Heinz ketchup 😉




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