”Toilets are for customers only”

What sort of ridiculous rule is this? I’m standing right in front of you about to piss in my pants and your toilets are for your loyal paying customers only.. Ok KFC.. I forgot your members only restaurant was so precious you can’t just let a desperate lad use your toilets!

I tried three, THREE different restaurants on Westmoreland St. yesterday to use their toilet, not one of them would let me go because they were for ‘customers only’. I understand it’s probably a great way to grab a bit more custom by making people buy something on the menu to go the toilet, or to keep dodgy people out of the toilets doing drugs, but I’m literally like Bambi on ice standing here trying to hold it in. I think it’s a bit evident that I’m not gonna rob your bars of soap and toilet rolls!

I eventually had to run into a pub across the road and I think the barman felt sorry for me and before I could even ask he directed me to the toilet, he understood lol. But seriously, is it not a human right to be able to use a toilet? It can’t be that big of a deal to just be locking your toilets.

I know some people would just buy something like a drink on the menu just to use the toilet, but just because I was so annoyed and furious that they were being so scaldy with their toilets I wasn’t giving any of them my money. Anyway, rant over lol




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