Smartbond is finally here

Smartbond is now being launched in all of our salons nationwide, and there’s a huge buzz about it. I’ve been so excited to use this product from the moment I heard about it a few months ago. In all fairness, the release of this product was inevitable seeing as the amount of competitor brands releasing their versions got so much publicity.. and now it’s time for Smartbond! 

For those who don’t know what it is, Smartbond is a brand new product by L’Oréal which protects your hair whilst colouring in salon. We add a certain amount of Smartbond directly into your bowl of colour and it will travel into your hair with the colouring product and protect your weakened and strong bonds whilst the colour does its job. Nothing changes! Afterwards it makes your hair feel completely rejuvenated and so so soft to touch, and over time will give you completely healthy and stronger hair with continuous use. Smartbond isn’t designed to repair previous damage, it’s made to maintain your condition at the moment without pushing your hair any further. 

It’s pricing at an extremely reasonable price of €20 in salon, which includes your Smartbond additive to your colour AND a 10 minute ‘part 2’ treatment at the backwash. 

So for those who are worrying about colouring the hair, concerned about your condition, are skeptical about colouring due to the fear of damage, or simply just dying to try this product out – pop into your nearest Peter Mark salon and ask about it ✌️️ 

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