Tips on taking the perfect photo of your clients hair

I’ve always said this since I started my hair page on Instagram that it’s all about the good angle for taking photos of my clients. During graduation weeks I was so adamant on getting a picture of ALL of my clients so I had a collection of my work from start to finish. I think this is really important especially when you’re training to have plenty of photos to look back on, not only to showcase your work but to see your progress through the weeks/years.

Before you take photos, always ask for your clients permission. If your client is happy enough for you to take the picture, try hesitate on getting their face in the photo. Unless they’re 100% happy with getting her face in, then snap away!

I took loads of pictures of my clients especially during Creative Edge (6 weeks) and Graduation simply because I had the time to! It’s hard to upkeep the pictures when you’re busy in the salon but here’s a few little tips on how to take the perfect photo at first go:

Before & after

This is an obvious one! It’s great to have two pictures side to side when you’re doing big dramatic changes for you and your clients to see the work, and by using the new app from Instagram called ‘Layout‘, it can make your life a little easier for making neat and professional looking collages of your photos. Try steer away from using PicCollage or PicMonkey because they both use watermarks and have border designs which can make the collage look a bit messy.


 Blank or plain backgrounds

This is a very important one to remember for taking pictures of your work. You want the main focal point to be the hair with no distractions in the background (clients, coffee cups, magazines). If your salon doesn’t have a blank background then try keep the section as clean as possible with as little background distraction as possible.

Natural lighting and flash

Always use either a flash or look for natural lighting for your hair pics. Especially for your finished result/after photo. The flash/natural lighting will show off your clients gorgeous shine and colour, and showcase your work the best as possible. Sometimes when lighting isn’t used the hair looks dull and unfinished.

Double effects

As the famous caption says ”double trouble”, this double-sided effect is available on the Layout app. All you have to do is select the photo twice. Two is always better than one 😉

Overhead lights

All salons will have spotlights over each section for lighting on the hair, but some salons might have those yellow tinted lightbulbs which can be a nightmare for taking pictures under. Especially for ash blondes, it can make it look more warm. Try avoid them areas if possible and again, use the flash to eliminate over head yellow hues.


This is a must for your colour pictures. What filters are designed to do is alter all the colours and tones in a photo. So if you’re putting all your effort into a colour on a client and then applying a filter on your picture, you’re wasting your time! You can alter the brightness, saturation or contrast if you want 🙂




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