Peter Mark celebrates 50 years in Stillorgan


So all last week the gang in the salon celebrated a huge 50 years in Stillorgan Shopping Centre. There was plenty of celebrations going on all week so there was a great buzz in the centre, especially in Peter Mark! Our theme for the week was ”Through The Decades”, and from Tuesday-Saturday we dressed up through different eras. Tuesday being the 00’s right through to the 60’s on Saturday. The costumes were gas and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Throughout the week, we had a lot of lovely visitors from head office, other Peter Mark salons and of course Peter Keaveney himself who was absolutely delighted with the celebrations going on. Clay, Sinead and Debbie decorated our window display with a vintage theme and Dolores covered the salon with old photos from the archives which gave everyone a great blast from the past and a walk down memory lane.

Not to forget to mention, not only were we celebrating 50 years in Stillorgan we were celebrating Dolores being in the company 50 years also! What an incredible milestone and achievement. Still going strong after all this time!!

On our 80’s day, we all had the neon colours out, backcombed hair, fish net tights, gloves and vintage shirts. This was the first day where the atmosphere was at its best because all staff were in so it created more of a buzz in the salon. We had some tunes from the 80’s blasting too which also went down great. The effort and team work between management, front of house, stylists and trainees on doing the salon up really stood out and we had an absolute blast for the week. To top it all off, Peter Mark Stillorgan are COLOUR TROPHY FINALISTS!

On Friday, we had our 70’s themed day which seemed to be the funniest one of them all! My feet after standing in those shoes will never be the same. Still can’t feel my toes! We had a ‘Studio 54/Disco’ vibe with LOTS of Chic, Abba, and Jackson 5 playing all day which got everyone in a great mood.

To finish the week we had a 60’s themed day on the Saturday. Lots of pearls, french rolls, beehives and headbands were involved. And of course a lot of 60’s music which we had no idea who the artists were but we went along with it anyway!

What a week it was and it couldn’t have went better. Go team Stillorgan!


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