My very quaint meditation experience

I’ve been feeling a little bit of a negative nancy recently and thats very unlike me! It’s been a couple weeks since I actually woke up in a good mood and I told myself now its time to do something about it. I’ve read a few different remedies on how to keep happy and positive and the one that I was most entrigued by was meditation. I’ve heard so much about the benefits of meditation and how people turn their lives around through doing it. I just needed some positivity so I said I’d give it a bash.

I googled ”meditation Dublin” and the first place that came up was Aria Therapy. This particular place deals with councelling and other really good forms of therapy so its a nice place to be if you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps! There was no booking needed for the meditation session so I just went on Monday and the lovely teacher Emer welcomed me in.

At first, I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous about being in a big group, taking our shoes off and sitting around loads of candles. In the nicest way possible, it seemed a bit like a séance at first, but then we got chatting and I loosened up a little bit. Emer chatted for a good hour in detail about what meditation does and how it works for our mind and wellbeing. It was so interesting and I was dying to start so we did. 

This type of meditation was ”mantra meditation” and it involved the group having a scarf wrapped around our heads. This also was a moment of ‘wtf’ to me. Without this insulting the technique, I felt a little bit like I was a granny on Moore St. selling apples lol, but as she explained why we had the scarfs, it made sense. It was to keep our positive energies in, I also felt lovely and warm because I was actually freezing. Sure how could I feel silly? Everyone else in the room was doing the same thing for the exact same reason so I felt 100% comfortable.

We then started to chant some mantras staring with ”om” and other chants from different energies. I was very thankful for the loud chants because my stomach was roaring at this stage and I hadn’t eaten a thing since lunch so the silence beforehand only made my stomach echo around the room.

The most interesting part for me was the last part, we were so relaxed after the mantras that I was almost in a hypnotic state and when Emer started to tell us to imagine ourselves in a beautiful forrest, I was literally there. I didn’t feel a presence in the room at all because I was completely wound up in my imagination and subcouncious mind. I saw different symbols such as a sword (given to me as a gift from someone in this imaginary forest), a swan (in the distance)  and weirdly enough the Virgo star sign. Now saying this, I didn’t force myself to see these things they just randomly came to my head when prompted.

Afterwards, I asked what all the signs meant and I was told that a sword represented a warrior, strength and power. And apparently it was a nice thing to be gifted a sword in this vision I had, because I didn’t have any of this ‘strength’ to start with in fairness! The swan meant that it was a graceful yet powerful presence. The sword also related to my job (hairdresser) and when I put it all together it all really made so much sense.

Sounds strange, I know. But I never realised my brain could produce all these symbols when I meditated and all of it to make so much sense. Maybe I’m still in a bit of awe over the whole thing but I found it quite interesting and thought it’d be a great story to share lol.



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