Five Guys will change your life 

Five Guys have finally come to Dundrum

I’m a major foodie as you know, so I was buzzing to hear that Five Guys came to Dundrum recently. I went out specifically today to have it and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time! Earlier this year we visited London and seen one and never went in 😦 Then recently I went to Liverpool and tried it there. It changed my life!

The queues were mental and the place was SO loud but it went quite fast and we were served straight away so don’t be scared off by the queue outside if you’re visiting in the next couple of weeks because it’ll be MENTAL!

In all fairness, my all time favourite is a good sloppy Bunsen burger. Bunsen will always be my favourite for burgers just because they’re so juicy lol. But the burger here cuts very close to my favourite, it’s SO good! The rashers on it are so fucking crispy (my fave) and the toppings are gorge too, you can get Franks Hot Sauce on it too but I didn’t cause I hate trying new things on food and I didn’t wanna spoil the beautiful taste of a traditional Five Guys burger. I have to say though, you must have tonnes of Heinz Ketchup on it or you’re wasting your time.. Unlimited red sauce and FREE REFILLS on your drinks, what more could you want?

We read online about the calorie count on the burgers and chips.. Brace yourself!

There was around 980 calories in the chips and around the same in the burger.. That’s nearly your whole daily intake in one meal!! So fucking worth it though, worth every bite.

Enough of the photos of dirty food and just get yourself to this place ASAP! As I said, you won’t regret it one bit..




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