Celebrity hairstyles that unfortunitely happened.


I’m all for celebs chopping and changing their hair but some that I’ve seen recently were total disasters. Obviously being the hairdresser we’re the biggest hair critics in the world, I can’t even walk down Dame Street without commenting on someones terrible balayage or haircut to myself or sometimes even out loud! So unfortunately there are celebs out there that are being pictured with some terrible do’s that I couldn’t resist posting about.


1. Justin Bieber’s dreadlocks

I love a bit of Bieber recently but this look just shouldn’t have happened. I’m not a huge fan of dreads anyway because they’re the most unhygienic thing you could ever do to yourself, but the fact that he did this just killed me. It’s literally like a sea creature on his head. Stop it.


2. Kylie Jenners platinum blonde

I’ve posted a previous post about this absolute AWFUL colour a couple of weeks ago and it’s still very fresh to me. I wonder if she actually looks at herself in the mirror and loves herself with them brassy tones and fried ends! God knows what money her hairdresser is on to be doing a job like that, move over Jen Atkin I’m on my way lol


3. Beyoncé’s fucking FRINGE

Now this was a really hard time for me when I seen this. You know she’s my girlo and I love everything she does but this was just unforgivable. It looks like it was cut with a knife and fork. She literally must have cut her own fringe before leaving her hotel and just thought ”fuck it” and went out like that. She walks and her fringe follows. I can see your halo? More like I can see your hairline Bey.


4. Kelly Osbourne’s superdome

No I’m sorry. What the fuck is this? There’s no excuses for this monstrosity of a haircut. Like her face was fat enough back then why would you want more width? Taking page-boy to a whole other level looking like a real life knob head.


5. Nicki Minaj’s leopard print

I’m also a big lover of Nicki Minaj and her sporadic wig changes. She’s famous for her hair and her bold colours and cuts. But this is dreadful. The colour looks like my first full head of meche, seepage everywhere! Even she looks devastated with it.


6. Stephanie Davis’ Kylie attempt

Cannot stand the ground this girl walks on so my feelings on this one have doubled. The minute she stepped foot outside the BB house she thought her and Jeremy were the biggest celeb couple in the world, and thought she’d get a bit of talk going about herself by doing this to herself but it really didn’t work. Them ends 😦


7. Kris Jenner’s mushroom head

Everyone loves a bit of Kris and her little pixie cut. For 60 she looks great in all fairness but this style doesn’t. Recently she was front row at the Balmain show (imagine that) and rocked this awful fringe/bangs. Her whole face is basically covered with her fringe and glasses and makes her look 20 stone heavier. I’m really not sure whats going on but it needs to be sorted ASAP.




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