The hatred of waiting on a delivery

Is this what pregnant women feel on their due date?

I’m sure there’s plenty of people who absolutely hate this. Online shopping can be amazing, not having to get up off your arse and go to town and just sitting back on a Sunday spoiling yourself. It all seems so convenient, until you have to wait for the fucking delivery!

I never usually shop online for clothes. I much prefer to make the effort to go in to town and try everything on before I buy it. Can’t be coping with all this returning by post business I’d prefer to just decide there and then whether I like it or not. Recently the new iPhone 7/7+ got released and I was obviously sweating for it. I knew it’d be a sellout worldwide so I decided to pre-order it with Three and I thought to myself GRAND I’ll have it on the release date (they advertised this delivery date btw) and all was good. Friday was the release date. I don’t have it yet.

Like I’m sorry but it’s only 3 days delayed and I feel like I’ve been waiting 2 months for it to arrive. Am I the only one that gets like this? Is this what pregnant women feel on their due date? I’m honestly like a child waiting on Christmas morning to come and I can’t sleep with the excitement. It’s probably different when it comes to clothes or shoes to arrive but I’m going MAD to get this delivery.

I keep refreshing my tracking order page. I’ve been on the phone to Three more than 5 times!! I also used their online chat and tweeted them about 10 times. They’ve started ignoring me lol I wouldn’t blame them!  Now they’re saying it could take up to 30 days….. 30, fucking, days. This has given me more of a reason to hate online shopping. I spent the whole day in work today looking out for a courier. NONE in sight 😦

Let me know if I’m being a drama llama.





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