iOS 10 is here and its FAB!

Apple lovers galore

So this morning Apple just released their official version of iOS10!! There’s been a few different beta versions flying about and I was actually signed up for one but I was too scared to try it until the official update was available.

It took about a half an hour which is pretty standard for a big software update like this and me being the gadget tech freak I am – I hadn’t a nail left on my fingers. Theres tonnes of new features, some of the apps were completely redesigned like iMessage and the Notification Centre (which is so nice btw). They fabbed up the lock screen as well, getting rid of the classic iPhone ”Slide to Unlock” feature and replacing it with ”Press Home to unlock”. So basically you’re fucked if your home button breaks lol

There’s only one thing that I’ll give a D minus to, the new emoji’s. If one thing Apple is being reefed over its them constantly copying Android, and the new design of the emoji’s look v familiar to the Android ones. I guess we never like new things when it comes to phones and it’s just something we’ll have to get used to but for now I hate them lol

Siri FINALLY has an English (Ireland) option so it understands more Irish accents which was a pain in the hoop for me cause I love a bit of Siri. The woman now has a lovely little Irish accent and it recognises your voice so seamlessly so you don’t have to keep correcting yourself or putting on a rotten English/American accent fr the prick to understand you lol.

iMessage has finally had a little revamp. I’ve been dying for a new iMessage for ages! You can now send GIF’s right from the keyboard, you can draw your own pictures and send them with a live drawing animation, you can react to people’s texts the same way you can with the new Facebook reactions, you can send secret  photos  almost like snapchat where they can’t actually see the picture until they reveal it. The icon picture of the content finally shows in the chat while you’re texting. You can also download apps designed for iMessage like games and translators.  This was probably the biggest change of the whole update and its amazing.

There’s also a new Bedtime app (also v Android) and it tells you, before you set your alarm, how much sleep you’re getting. It tracks all your sleep and sleeping patterns and lets you know when its time for bed. It’s very convenient seeing as I’m the biggest sleep lover but again, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.

Another new revamp is the new feature when you slide to the left on your home screen (not sure what that’s called) it’s basically the same as it was but redesigned and you can add more apps to it now so it’s a bit more usable. I didn’t bother using the feature before so I’ll definitely be using it now.

I currently have the iPhone 6 (waiting on the 7+) and its made my phone a little bit slower so I’d be cautious if you have a 6 or anything below a 6. I’m excited to see what the new iOS feels like on the shiny new iPhone 7+. I’ll be posting about it as soon as I get it don’t worry lol