Beyoncé & Jay-Z joint album is on the way, and I’m sweating.

Jayonce are coming!

Obviously me being the major Beyoncé fan that I am, I’ve been waiting for this rumour to be confirmed since I can remember. AND ITS FINALLY CONFIRMED! TheBeyHiveTeam on Twitter have been giving so much accurate reports and rumours about Beyonce and have been right almost every time. I follow them religiously because I’m a fucking freak and like to know everything she’s up to lol. They recently tweeted confirming that the album is set for December/sometime in 2017 release. SWEATING!

Every collab they do just kills my soul. I mean, it has to top Lemonade somehow and I really don’t know if that’s possible. The album is rumoured to be called ”Champagne”. I’m living for this. Like could you imagine the bops. IMAGINE they did another tour together. Take my fucking MONEY and sing for me bitch.

When you think about it though, them doing an album together is inevitable really. It’s WELL overdue and what better time to do a joint album than now, they’re the biggest critically acclaimed couple on the planet since the release of Lemonade and all the cheating rumours are only making them more and more mogul. The day it’s released will be the day the world stops… carry on.



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