Ryan’s verdict on the best chicken wings in Dublin

King of the wing

If you know me on a personal level I think its safe to say I’m OBSESSED with chicken wings and hot sauce. Maybe not great for my poor bowel movements because I inhale about 200 wings a week (no exaggeration) and proudly so! I definitely feel like this post is obligatory and if I didn’t I’d definitely be doing something wrong here.

There’s absolutely nothing like having the sauce dripping down your fingers midway through a share sized portion all to yourself and licking it off so shamelessly thinking ”which way did my mother raise me?” in the middle of a packed restaurant of people staring. Fuck it though, at one stage I was on the verge of emailing LovinDublin to see if they wanted me to do this years vote on the best chicken wings in Dublin but they had already done it. RAGE! So here I am, making my own one!

Here’s my top 9 faves and why:

9. Martello (Bray)

I know this wasn’t included in any of LovinDublin’s posts but this one wasn’t too bad. The actual wing size was huge which was a bonus from me, obviously. Tad bit dry so they’ll be the last one on my favourites, they could definitely benefit from smothering them in a bit more sauce. Other than that they were delish!

8. Eddie Rockets

Controversial I know. This one also missed the LovinDublin list which was a bit of a shame because they’re not too bad. Honestly, they’re a bit hit and miss with their wings and they’re not as crispy as others I’ve tasted but they get SMOTHERED in Louisiana Hot Sauce (ask for extra) and their sauce is fucking divine. To make it even more fab you need to order garlic cheese fries and pour your sauce on the chips. Heaven, and great for a hangover!

7. Canal Bank Cafe (Donnybrook)

This place was actually featured in both years of LovinDublin’s top 10 places and of course I had to try. It fell down a couple of places for me only because of the portion size. I was absolutely starved when I went and when I got the wings I was like… wtf? Don’t get me wrong, they were gorge but I had more meat on my tooth than the wings in the basket. Such a shame that what I actually had tasted was amazing but it was a big let down for me.

6. Riba (Stillorgan)

I included this one in my faves not only just because of its gorgeous wings but because I work right in front of it which means wings for lunch everyday! I’ve only had these for take-away and they were quite meaty, which is always good for me. Not majorly sauced up but they still tasted like the hot sauce and weren’t bland so I’m guessing they marinade the fuck out of them before cooking them. V nice! And the actual restaurant is fab as well if you’re going to sit in.

5. Tribeca (Ranelagh)

You’s will all probably be like wtf but these came down a few places for me because they were SO. FUCKING. SPICY.. I know that’s the whole point in the hot sauce but I’m personally not a huge fan of majorly spicy food and I like to enjoy my wings without any external or internal distraction (if you know what I mean). The portion was colossal which was fucking brilliant and they were smothered in sauce which was even more brilliant but I just didn’t comfortably enjoy them simply cause they turned me into a dragon. If you’re a spicy person this ones for you!

4. Blue Bar (Skerries)

This is another vote that you’ll be surprised by but I’m sorry, trying to get a table in this place is near impossible. We went on a Sunday and when I had realised they were booked up I pretended I had a table and obviously the reservation wasn’t there, thankfully they fell for it (Sorry guys) and gave me a table but I had come all the way from Rialto to get these wings and I wasn’t taking no for an answer! Anyways, the wings – these tasted a little different to the rest of the hot sauce wings I’ve eaten before which surprised me because I was expecting the typical taste just 100 times tastier. They had a lovely mild sweet taste, which was actually amazing! The size of the actual wing wasn’t huge but they were lovely and crispy which kept these in my top 4.

3. Camden Rotisserie (Camden St.)

I’ve only recently tried these and they shot right up to my top 3 favourites! They’re slightly spicier than my normal favourite wings but in my opinion they’re quite tolerable. Again, I’ve only had these for takeaway and you can order them from JustEat.ie which is fab. The sauce is quite thick and it tastes so so good. I definitely think they have a secret ingredient that they add cause there’s a gorgeous spicy kick to them. The wing size is fantastic too so that’s a bonus. You can order up to 4 dozens (48 WINGS!!) of these online so if you’re hungover, happy fucking days to you.

2. The Counter (Suffolk St.)

This was such a tough one to choose between my number 1 and here. The wings are to die for but the amount you get isn’t really great. These would be very similar to Camden Rotisserie but slightly less crispy. They’re handy to just drop into after a day of shopping your hole off and getting a seat is rarely an issue.


CAN’T BE COPING. These wings, I’m sorry lets just take a moment.

These were my first proper wings I’ve tried from the LovinDublin list and they’ve stayed my favourite throughout all the different places I tried. You take your long-awaited seat and look around at a sea of people eating chicken wings. It’s like a chicken wing festival, the dream! There’s no feeling just like the excitement you get when these wings come to your table. The whiff of vinegar and hot sauce combined, aofdhjowefih. Everything from the sauce, the crispness, the spiciness, the size of the portions and wings are perfect! I never leave the place disappointed. You make a complete slob of yourself eating them and there’s enough sauce at the end to dip your chips into after! Make it your first place to try wings if you’re looking for somewhere nice.




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