So, I’m bald!


I probably look like the biggest hypocrate in the world right now. After blabbering on about how much I love my long hair and my highlights – I shave it off, grand.

Truth is really, I am actually the biggest hypocrate in the world because all I do is contradict myself. I just got back from Marrakech and after the week of sun my hair went so bright I don’t know whether I loved it or hated it. I got my fab ballayage done by Megan in Style Club Pavillions a couple weeks before I went and I was mad about myself until it became more maintenance for myself having to put toners in it every week (my extremely fussy self and gold pigmented hair).

The top got so long after my holidays that it hung over my faded sides making me look like I got my haircut back at a session at 4 o’clock in the morning. The nerves were gone having to constantly flick it back even though it was v nice it eventually got on my nerves and I said fuck it, I’ll get a bit cut off it.

I ended up going to the barbers to get about an inch off the top and I had a small panic attack being the hypercondriact that I am. When I tried to style it myself afterwards, I had literally fotgotten how to style shorter hair (a hairdresser, I know) that I lost the plot and said fuck it even again, shave it!

I regretted it from the moment I sat on the chair but firstly my colour was annoying me and my cut wasn’t sitting right so there was only one option to a fresh start, do a Sinead O’Connor! This is probably the 16th spontaneous thing I’ve done with my hair, I’ll write a ”hair story” post soon because some of them are actually GAS!



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