Kylie’s new platinum blonde hair!

So, I’m sure you’re all aware that Kylie Jenner has changed her hair, again.

In her recent snapchats she seems happy with her hair being blonde in the filter but in real life I can assure you its pretty minging. She’s obviously trying to follow her older sister Kim’s footsteps by making this statement which is typical Kardashian tradition but this time I think it’s a big D minus from me.

@kylizzlemynizzle Snapchat
@kylizzlemynizzle Snapchat

This picture screams health and safety like could you IMAGINE staining a towel like that in your salon there’d be murder! Knowing Kylie has dyed her hair all colours recently and I’m obnoxiously assuming there was no cleanse or strand tests done on her hair before the application of colour I’m sure her hair is in bits after this.

@kylizzlemynizzle Snapchat

In the above picture all I can see is the little bits of broken bits (I’m assuming) on her shoulder so I sure hope she’s getting a good treatment and cut afterwards lol.

And prepare yourselves for the next photo you’re about to see. This just SHOWS it went incredibly wrong for her. Poor Kylie, them ends šŸ˜¦


@kimklookbook Ā Instagram

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