Billy Elliot: The Musical

We got two tickets to see Billy Elliot: The Musical last week in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre and went on Thursday. HO-LY SHIT! Phenomenal show. I literally only watched the movie 3 days prior seeing it in theatre so the story was fresh on my mind. I was kinda raging cause I didn’t bring my glasses and I was squinting for the whole show so if you’re a blind bitch like me, bring them 😂

We were raging that the musical didn’t start off with Billy jumping on the bed like a total fairy but from start to finish it was spectacular. Now saying that, I’ve never been to a theatre to see a play/musical before apart from the Moulin Rouge in Paris so this production was probably standard but I was blown away by how the story was portrayed. The little fella that plays Billy was great his dancing was so good. There was a scene that really blew me away when he’s dancing with his older self and flies up in the air, I sound like a total owlone but there wasn’t a dry eye in the kip.

The theatre is GORGE. The building and architecture on the outside is so sleek and the actual building is colossal. We went to the bar for a drink before it started and we found out that you can order a drink for the (very short) 15 minute interval and it’ll be waiting for you when you go to the lobby. So we got a number on our receipt and when we went outside our two drinks were on the counter with the number on it. Great idea.

Take notes offices and workplaces, have my fucking drink ready at the end of a stressful shift and I’ll be a very happy man!

The cast must be MINTED cause the theatre was packed and its been running for weeks (finished now) and the tickets were €60 each, its been touring all over the world. Previously in London for maybe a year or so and before London it was in New York so you can imagine the money they’re raking in – and rightly so!

If anyone is planning on going tough luck cause it just finished in Dublin yesterday, so you’ll have to wait till next time 😂 But if by wild chance it comes near you I’d 100% recommend -and if you haven’t even seen the movie go watch it right now, you won’t regret.


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